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The importance of installing a cooling fan


 With the devolopment of the times, the popularity of computers, and the pursuit of the functions of computers, the comfort of use is another indispensable condition. In the computer chassis appearance, structure, telling transmission, power distribution, environment, electromagnetic interference, heat transmission, noise, the heat transmission and noise account for a very important position.

    The computer operation speed is increased, the heat is also continuously increased, and the heat dissipation module is gradually increased, resulting in the fuselage not working properly. How to quickly "heat" is a topic that everyone is thinking about. In addition to the heat transfer requirements, noise is also one of the important choices in the use of products, people do not want to buy a noisy chassis, and the biggest source of this annoying noise is the cooling fan. I believe everyone is familiar with this situation.

   It is very difficult for the cooling fan to be responsible for the heat dissipation work, or to generate annoying noise. All the fans should pay attention to the speed and noise of the cooling fan when applying the fan, which is a headache for the designer. The fan is the higher the speed, the greater the flow and static pressure, the greater the relative noise, but the insufficient speed, and can not provide enough air pressure static pressure to take away the heat. In this case, a variable number fan came into being. When a large amount of heat is required to be taken away, the rotation speed is high, and when a large amount of heat is not required to be taken away, the operation can be performed at a low rotation speed. Also, when a large amount of heat is generated, the PC needs a high-speed air volume to take away the heat, and of course the noise is large. When the cooling fan does not need high-speed operation, the rotation speed can be reduced to reduce the noise.

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