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External rotor fan



1.Fans have single-phase capacitor running and three-phase asynchronous running. 

Single-phase motor has 220V/50HZ and 220V/60HZ. 

Three-phase motor has 380V/50HZ and 380V/60HZ. 

At the same time can provide customers with motors of the special requirements: special voltage, dual voltage and so on.


2.Fan rotor is directly with rotor and blade, that adopt dual-side dynamic balance, dynamic balance achieved G6.3.


3.The insulation grade ambient temperature:-25°C~+60°C, if the temperature range exceed the above, our factory can be customized according to customer requirements.


4.The fan blade, rotor and grid is all sprayed, the surface is bright appearance that is not easy oxidation and discoloration, and has good corrosion-resistant effect, motor cover also by the special treatment.


5.The insulation grade of currently supplied fan is B-class, F-class and H-class, the protection class is IP54. At present, we can also supply the fan of working environment temperature:-40°C~+60°C and -25°C~+80°C. All fans can install thermal protection in them. Our factory will put the IP56 external rotor motor with new structure soon, and this structure has got national patent. It can apply to the high humidity and bad environment.


6.The line fan motor can be directly leaded out, and can provide various forms of water-proof junction box for the user’s select

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