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Axial Fan history


Fans have a long history. More than 2000 years ago, China, Babylon, Persia and other countries have used ancient windmills to lift water to irrigate and grind grain.
Hydraulic windmill in ancient China Hydraulic windmill in ancient China
After the 20th century, windmills developed rapidly in Europe. China has already made a simple wooden windmill for hulking grain before BC. Its working principle is basically the same as that of modern centrifugal fans.
The first windmills were built in West Asia, probably Syria, in the 7th century. This part of the world has strong winds that almost always blow in the same direction, so these early windmills were built for prevailing winds. They don't look like the windmills we see today. Instead, they have vertical shafts with wings arranged vertically. They are very similar to the Trojans arranged on the carousel device.
The first windmills appeared in Western Europe at the end of the 12th century. Some believe that soldiers who took part in the Crusades in Palestine returned home with information about windmills. However, the design of windmills in the west is quite different from that in Syria, so they may have been invented independently. A typical Mediterranean windmill has a round stone tower and vertical wing plates facing prevailing winds. They are still used to grind grain.
In 1862, the British guibel invented the centrifugal fan. Its impeller and shell are concentric and round. The shell is made of brick. The wooden impeller is made of backward straight blades. Its efficiency is only about 40%. It is mainly used for mine ventilation.
In 1892, cross flow fan was developed in France;
Cross flow fan
In 1898, the Irishman designed the sirocco centrifugal fan with forward blade, which was widely used in many countries;
In the 19th century, axial flow fan has been used in mine ventilation and metallurgical industry, but its pressure is only 100-300 PA, and its efficiency is only 15-25%. Until the 1940s, it has developed rapidly.
In 1935, the axial-flow constant pressure fan was first adopted in Germany to ventilate and induce air to the boiler.
In 1948, Denmark made the axial flow fan with adjustable moving blades in operation, the rotary axial flow fan, the meridian acceleration axial flow fan, the diagonal flow fan and the cross flow fan;
Clarage company, founded in 1874, was acquired by Shuangcheng wind turbine group in 1997. It has become one of the oldest wind turbine manufacturers. The development of wind turbines has also made great progress.
In 1880, people designed the volute shell for mine exhaust and air supply, and the centrifugal fan with backward curved blades. The structure has been relatively perfect. In 1892, the cross flow fan was developed in France.

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