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Preparation for fan installation


Ready to work

Before unpacking the fan, check whether the package is intact, whether the fan's nameplate parameters meet the requirements, and whether the accompanying accessories are complete and complete.

Carefully check whether the fan is deformed or damaged during transportation, whether the solid parts are loose or falling off, and whether the impeller is rubbed, and check all parts of the fan. If abnormal phenomena are found, they should be used after being repaired.

Use a 500V megohm meter to measure the insulation resistance between the fan casing and the motor winding. The value should be greater than 0.5 megohm. Otherwise, the motor winding should be dried. The temperature should not exceed 120°C during drying.

Prepare all materials, tools and venues required for fan installation. [3]

Start of work

1. Read the fan's instruction manual and product samples carefully, familiar with and understand the fan's specifications, form, impeller rotation direction and air flow in and out direction, etc.; again check whether the components of the fan are intact, otherwise they can be installed and used after repair. [4]

2. The fan must be installed with safety devices to prevent accidents, and should be installed and wired by professionals familiar with relevant safety requirements.

3. The air duct connected to the inlet and outlet of the fan has separate support, and it is not allowed to add the overlapping weight of the pipe to the components of the fan; pay attention to the horizontal position of the fan when installing the fan, and the connection between the connection surface of the fan and the foundation and the air outlet pipe Make adjustments so that they match naturally, and no forcible connection.

4. After the fan is installed, turn the impeller by hand or lever to check whether it is over-tightened or rubbed, whether there are any objects that hinder the rotation, and no abnormal phenomena can be used for trial operation. The exposed part of the fan drive should be There is a protective cover (user-supplied). If the fan inlet is not connected to the pipe, a protective net or other installation device (user-supplied) must also be added.

5. The power distribution control box of the fan must match the corresponding fan (refer to power, voltage, pneumatic mode, control form, etc.).

6. The wiring of the fan should be wired by a professional electrician. The wiring must be correct and reliable, especially the wiring number at the electric control box corresponds to the number on the fan terminal. The fan casing should be reliably grounded, and the ground must be reliable. .

7. After all the fans are installed, check whether there are any tool box debris left in the fan [4]


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