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EC fan | EC cooling fan features and advantages


Linyi Tongxin Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high quality miniature axial fans, specializing in the production of high quality miniature axial fans. Founded in 2007, the company is a high-tech private enterprise integrating production, R&D and sales. Specializing in the production of AC / DC / EC series cooling fans. The company has automatic injection molding machine, aluminum die-casting machine, large number of punching equipment for fixed rotor, CNC machining center, automatic production line, automatic winding machine, automatic winding machine, double-head automatic strapping machine and other advanced production equipment.

The company is committed to providing customers with the most comprehensive and highest quality cooling and ventilation solutions, providing the best fan products and technical services as well as after-sales platforms. Products are widely used in computers, electronic equipment, communications, power equipment, welding machines, medical equipment, inverters, industrial equipment, household appliances and other industries.


Below we will briefly introduce the features and advantages of the EC fan | EC cooling fan.


1. Large air volume: EC fan|EC cooling fan breaks through the limitation of the traditional AC fan to the frequency, can greatly improve the fan running speed, and the miniaturized motor design increases the wind output area. After the above optimization, the EC fan air volume ratio The same type of AC cover-level fan is 1.5-3 times larger.


2, low energy consumption: the use of AC frequency conversion technology can greatly improve efficiency, reduce power consumption, the same size of the fan, energy consumption is only one-third of the ordinary cover-level AC fan. In today's promotion of low-carbon and environmental protection, in line with the global energy-saving and emission reduction trend, the EU will completely ban the procurement of low-efficiency hood-level motor products in 2015. The EC series fans are comparable to the efficiency of DC brushless fans and can be used in Europe and America. . (Another: EC AC frequency conversion series fan, equivalent to "DC brushless fan" plus "DC power supply", eliminating the need to purchase DC power supply, direct use can immediately reduce costs.)

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